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Why Hire AccuTrust?

This image represents the relationship home inspections has with home sales.

For Real Estate Agents:

  • MLS Lockbox Access - I have the inspector level access to schedule inspections and utilize the lockbox to gain access. If the buyer is not attending, this saves you from the need to attend. 

  • One Call Takes Care Of It All - I can schedule termite, radon, and septic tank inspections for you.

  • Fast turn-around - My goal is to have a complete report available for your client in less than 24 hours from the inspection.

  • Flexible hours -  I am available evenings and weekends for inspections and follow-up consultations. 

  • Awareness of the Due Diligence Process - I understand with the NC offer to purchase the due diligence period is a time for the buyer to gather information and, while the buyer has the option to make repair requests, the seller is not obligated to make any repairs.  I view my service as a licensed NC home inspector to provide details to the buyer on what they are purchasing rather than creating a list of repairs the seller must complete.  I do not get involved in any repair negotiations.

  • Exceptional customer service - I aim to provide the type of service I wish to experience myself - professional, friendly, and efficient.

  • Your client's personal information is safe. Our reporting software is not accessible to any other parties.

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